Social media advertising

Invest your budget with confidence.

You want your ad spend to give you a return that makes it worthwhile, otherwise you're just throwing money away. Think of us like your insurance policy.

Our expertise

Social-first marketing, across all available social channels.

We care about the same things you do.

 Clicks and landing page visits are meaningless unless they deliver tangible value to you.

ROAS from our top-tier social advertising plans. The results of lots of hard work and creativity.
Ad spend handled in 2021. Clients trust us quickly because we deliver. You will too.
Average CPC across all our conversion campaigns - 60% cheaper than industry average.
Our process

Six steps to glory
(and by glory, we mean results).


Strategy audit.

We need three things to ensure success: buyer personas, customer journey funnel, and brand style guide. So we start by making sure this is all in order first.
Perfect planning prevents poor performance, as the saying goes.


Campaign plan.

Based on the overall strategy, we set a clear plan for each campaign with measurable goals. Budgets, custom audiences, ROAS and CPA targets are agreed here.
We also know that things don't always go to plan so we, well, plan for that too.


Media strategy.

A campaign will live or die by its creative and copy. That's why we devote serious time to planning the media strategy, using data-driven intelligence to inform decisions.
Our production team is world-class and there if you need them.


Launch prep.

The technical bit. We ensure all the tracking and data collection is set up correctly. We build out custom audiences. We set up the ad sets and optimize the ad schedule.
Lots of money is wasted from poor setup. Thankfully, we're really techie.


Ad optimization.

The campaign is live, and we get really nerdy. As data starts flowing through we analyze, adjust, tweak, reflect and kick the ad sets around until they start delivering.
We don't rest until the ROI is totally maxed out.



After the campaign cycle, we review the results both in and outside of the social channel's ad platform. Reports are produced and discussions are had. Then we go again.
We share everything we can with you, because knowledge is power.

Give us 20 minutes, we'll tell you if this is right for you.

Book a discovery call
1. Discovery call.
A 20 minute call with a strategist to find out if we're a fit.
2. Proposal.
A simple, no-nonsense plan of what we will do, and how much it will cost.
3. The journey begins.
You sign and our work begins. Pat yourself on the back for a great decision.
Our team

Meet our leadership

Perhaps not geniuses, but pretty darn clever people.

Marc Crouch

Managing Director

Roxy Crouch

Marketing Director

In the first 6 months of working with Red Ant we’ve seen an average of 35% MoM increase in leads, a decrease of 37% in the cost per lead, and an increase in the overall quality of our leads. Beyond metrics, what we appreciate the most about working with them is that they are very data-driven and responsive. As a high-growth Startup, we value their ‘always on’ approach, where they are constantly monitoring and optimizing our campaigns, asking the right questions, updating us regularly, and thinking about the next campaign, so we can stay ahead of the curve. We highly recommend Red Ant as an agency for those who want to grow fast with quality results.

Joelle Irvine
Head of Growth & Marketing